VEGAN Carb-Cyling Plan

Image of VEGAN Carb-Cyling Plan


"Your carb cycling plan rocks! I am down over 2 lbs this week! The no carb day was much easier this week! Body seems to be getting used to it! I love it! Thank you for sharing! I feel like its coming together and I can really do this! I am at a weight now that I have not been for a very very long time and feel great! I just am so grateful you share these tips and help those of us just starting out! Thank you!" - Traci Slane

Are you looking to manage or drop some weight to feel great and look your best? I have made a sample "carb-cycling" plan that shows you how I eat all year long, especially when I am prepping for a competition to drop 1 lb a week.

They say "abs are made in the kitchen" and it's true. My body has only seen these changes because of carb-cycling. This plan is set up for a very manageable healthy lifestyle and you WILL shed body fat. Carb-cycling keeps your body guessing which will set your metabolism on fire. You WANT to feel hungry all of the time and the kicker is you should EAT ALL OF THE TIME!

After your purchase I will email you a document within 24-48 hours to have as your own resource. The 6 page plan has a week plan with 5 meals laid out for each day. I also include a shopping list that includes what you need for the sampled meals. Once you have this plan you can always send me an email with questions and I will gladly help you along the way.

Stick to this easy "real life" plan that is NOT extreme and will allow you to treat yourself. You will lean out and build lean muscle if you're lifting regularly too! Who wouldn't love that!?

Bethany Nelson (aka Peanut)
Figure Universe PRO & Fitness Competitor